Live Logs for Servers

Debug issues with live logs direct from your servers.

As we strive to make our developer experience best in class, one thing the team has been working hard on is to ensure that you can get the information you need when things don’t quite work out when deploying an Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming application.

We are super happy to announce two new additions to our developer experience available today on the Make Live platform.

Live Logs from Servers

As of today you can now view your active servers and view live logs from your Unreal Engine servers as they start up and run. No need to refresh, you can keep your browser window open and logs will update as and when they are output from your Unreal Engine application in near real-time.

Not only that, the Make Live platform will parse the logs so that they are presented within Make Live as a readable and easy to search format. Making finding and resolving problems a much easier task than ever before.

Live Logs Demo


We recommend to package your project with “Development” mode selected whilst you are in your early stages of building your Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming application as “Shipping” mode will not output logs as you might expect.

A New “Error” Status for Servers

Live Logs Demo

Another great addition that ties in with the live server logs announcement is that we now handle any Unreal Engine startup or crashes in a much more graceful way. We will now move any server that could not startup or experiences a crash into an error state that can be seen in your “Server Live View”. From here you can simply check out the logs and see what went wrong and look to resolve, package and re-deploy.

We hope with these two new additions it provides a fantastic insight to troubleshoot and help get your Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming applications deployed for everyone to use.

Of course the Make Live team is always here to help, please do get in touch if you have any feedback or questions.

We’d love to hear from you on Live Chat or Twitter at @MakeLiveHQ.