“Always On” Scaling Now Available

Blend “Always On” with 'On Demand' servers today.

As we roll out new features continuously over the coming months to improve our offering and provide even more managed services we wanted to address one of the biggest requests around start up times and scaling options.

We now have two scaling options available with more features to come including scheduling and additional regions across the globe (more on that soon).

On Demand

When creating new projects within the Make Live platform, we default to “On Demand” servers. This allows us to scale to zero and ensure you never pay a single dollar when your experience is not running. Create a project and simply select the GPU you wish to run your Unreal Engine experience. Once a user visits your launch url a relevant GPU will be allocated “On Demand”. Make Live continues to do this until the maximum number of servers has been reached (configurable project setting). At this point if all servers are full the Make Live queuing system will enable automatically giving users a seamless experience where they can wait in a queue to join once the next server becomes available.

A great advantage of this is that you only pay for the time the session / server was running for, it is a very cost effective way of running your Unreal Engine experience but comes with the cost of a slower start up time.

Always On / Blended Option

We are happy to announce that we now offer an additional project configuration named “Always On”. Make Live now allows you to run and scale your Unreal Engine experience for sustained periods of time.

A great way is to set a base amount of servers that you want to have running for the amount of expected traffic and budget for your Unreal Engine experience. This way users when visiting the launch url will get an instant connection. What is even more awesome is that our “On Demand” servers automatically start up if each of the “Always On” servers has been taken by users coming to your launch url.

This gives you the best of both worlds, being able to blend a base amount of “Always On” servers and letting Make Live take care of the rest to supplement your users with “On Demand” servers when needed. Users that visit and are allocated to an “Always On” server get instant access with zero startup time.

A final use case is that we can now provide capacity for huge one off events, if you are looking to host an experience at scale for a limited time, music event or virtual conference. Simply enable “Always On” servers for your event and then disable it once your event finishes. Make Live will scale up and scale down for you with a simple toggle in your project settings.

Watch this space for additional regions to become available and spread the amount of servers you need across regions with the newly available “Always On” feature.

Please get in touch if you have any feedback. You can find us on Twitter at @MakeLiveHQ.