Updated Private Access Mode

Share your experiences with piece of mind and a six digit pass code.

We are happy to announce that we have made a small improvement to the "Private" access mode based on your feedback. As of today you can now set your project to "Private" and a 6 digit code will be generated.

Owners of the project can then share a project launch URL along with a pass code so that users can copy and paste to gain access to your experience. Additionally you can re-generate a fresh code with a simple button click, once done update the project to apply the newly generated code and that's it.

Private Access Mode

Private Access Mode

This adds to the existing modes that are available to use:

Owner - Only the owner of the project can visit the launch URL, requires owner to be logged in.

Private - Six digit code that can be copied, shared and pasted to gain access.

Public - A URL that is open to share with everyone without restrictions.

We hope this quality of life improvement helps keep things private but still allow easy access to your experiences for people you decide are allowed access.

As always we would love any feedback you may have, you can find us on Live Chat or Twitter over at @MakeLiveHQ.