Introducing Our New Launcher

A look at our new launcher.

Today we're excited to show you our new project Launcher. When we initially launched Make Live back in April we made our launcher so that it immediately took you straight into a project. This worked well initially but as we look to provide more possibilities and customisation it's now clear to us how limiting it is.

With our new Launcher (we refer to it as “Launcher v2”), instead of taking you straight into the project we have an interstitial screen that provides information about your project. By default, your project title will be shown. However, we're also adding the ability for you to customise this in your project settings:

Project Customisation

In particular, the new “Description” field gives you a great way to provide some useful information to the user of your project as you can see here:

Launcher v2

These options are just the beginning and in the near future we hope to make more customisation available to all our customers to brand and enhance your projects for your users.

Try our new Launcher for yourself in the Pirate Island project.

We’d love to hear from you on Live Chat or Twitter at @MakeLiveHQ.