Deploy Twinmotion with Make Live

New guide to show you how to deploy ArchViz Twinmotion projects.

Deploy ArchViz Twinmotion with Pixel Streaming

A huge industry that can take advantage of Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming is ArchViz. The ability to instantly share and present high fidelity 3D walkthroughs and presentations has never been more compelling. A popular piece of software used in this space is Twinmotion.

This week we have launched a new Video Guide on our YouTube channel that showcases how quick and easy it is to deploy your Twinmotion application with Make Live. Use the following Unreal Engine plugins with a slight configuration update to allow compiling for Linux (see video). Plugins are available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace for free:

This can be incredibly useful for those wanting to create your own fully customized experience and features backed by a Twinmotion project. Simply import your Twinmotion project files directly into Unreal Engine via the Datasmith plugin. Deploying fully customisable Twinmotion presentations and projects has never been easier.

We hope that this makes sharing ArchViz that really stand out much easier for you and prospective clients.

Watch this space for our additional Make Live collaboration tools coming soon, allowing collaboration for ArchViz no matter where you, your team and your clients are located.