Away from Keyboard & Mouse Modes

Ensure only active users are using your experiences.

We have a ton of great new customisation features rolling out in the next few weeks to support your Unreal Engine experiences. Here are a couple of small quality of life improvements to get started.

Away from Keyboard

The first new feature is supporting "Away from Keyboard". When your users visit your "On Demand" experiences we want to ensure that you are only ever serving active users. Sometimes life happens and users will be away from their keyboard and leave your application open. This of course is taking up unnecessary server time. As of today if no activity has happened for 2 minutes a warning will pop up for 10 seconds, if a user does not move or interact with your experience they will be disconnected.

We hope this gives a little more peace of mind when sharing your experiences to people everywhere and ensures server resources are being maximised.


Default Mouse Cursor Mode

Secondly, a small but handy feature is the addition in your project settings to set how you would like the mouse cursor to be handled. The most suitable mouse mode will depend on what type of experience you have created.

If you are creating more of a player controlled experience with a FPS or third person character, typically the "Locked / Hidden" mode will be suitable. If you are wanting to showcase UMG / UI within Unreal Engine then most of the time the "Unlocked / Unreal" mouse mode will be more suitable to allow your users to see and control a cursor within Unreal.

Default Mouse Cursor Mode Settings

We recommend you upload your project and play around with both options to see what suits your Unreal Engine experience the best.

As always we would love any feedback you may have, you can find us on Live Chat or Twitter over at @MakeLiveHQ.