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Worlds where everyone can play.

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Applications automatically scale in your nearest region.

Sessions limited to 5 minutes so that everyone can play.

Unreal Engine 4.27


Jump in and explore a restaurant with your clients. Build applications to plan, customise or even use as virtual meeting spaces.


Unreal Engine 5

Art Gallery

Sell art and let clients browse through your own virtual gallery. Whether it be art, fashion or even cars. Asset from the awesome Dekagon Studios.


Unreal Engine 5


Check out Stack’O’Bot, a free learning resource from Epic Games all built using Unreal Engine 5 ready to play in your browser using Make Live.


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Tech Props Asset Created by Dekogon Studios

Best in Class Cloud Hardware

Deploy your Unreal Engine application on Tesla T4, RTX 3060Ti and RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 GPUs. Ensure your application looks the way you intended with the world‘s best NVIDIA hardware.

Automatic Scaling

Set your limits and Make Live takes care of the rest. Automatically scaling down to zero and up to your configuration needs. Simple and efficent pricing, pay as you go.

Auto Scaling Sliders


A world of real-time collaboration awaits.

Deploy your application with Make Live and focus on what matters and create incredible real-time experiences for you and your customers.

Metaverse & GamesLarge scale worlds available to everyone on any device at any time.

PropertyStand out with collaborative tours and interior customisation.

Product ConfigurationsNextGen high fidelity customer customization from cars to high-end fashion.

HealthcareImprove patient care in real-time with 3D visualisations and explanations.

TrainingFun & engaging remote training for the entire team regardless of location.

EngineeringCollaborate and annotate like never before with interactive CAD models.